Live by the Spin – app release from Indolent Games 19th October 2023

A digital decision maker app for iOS and Android


Live your life on the edge… of a coin!

Put some drama in your day with this unique decision making app that will instantly help you get over ANY indecisiveness you might be suffering from. 

With "Live By The Spin", you're never alone in your decision-making. Instead, you're in the capable hands of nine diverse, vibrant full motion video characters, each one embodied by the talented actor Neil Bell, known for his remarkable roles in epic sagas like "Dune" and "Star Wars: Andor". His performance lends depth and dynamism to each decision. Whether it’s the divine intervention of a defrocked vicar, or the humorous cynicism of a weary ghost, each coin toss will be an engaging and unforgettable experience. 

Plus music by SanoDG aka Nobuyoshi Sano (Drakengard, Tekken, RidgeRacer) .

So why settle for the cold, impersonal flip of a regular coin, when you can enjoy a thrilling theatrical spinning extravaganza that brings your decision to life?